The Story of
Cream Pan

We’re famous for our strawberry croissants, but we offer something for every taste: sweet and savory items that include breads, desserts and meals.

It all started in 2002, when owner Yoshinori Inada opened Cream Pan with a focus on . . . cream pans. These are sweet buns with light custard inside, and still a popular item.

But Inada has used his background in Japanese and French baking to continually experiment. Inada was trained in French-style baking in Japan and, even with decades of experience, is still trying new things.

This includes those famous strawberry croissants, which we introduced shortly after Cream Pan opened. Over the years, we’ve added dozens of pastries, breads and cakes, as well as savory items like Japanese-style sandwiches, hot dogs and curry rice.

Regardless of what you order, you can be assured your food will use high-quality ingredients and be fresh. We’re open every day, and our staff starts baking late at night and continues through the early morning.